Architectural projects

Mona Plaza Hotel, Belgrade, Serbia

Today’s location of the 4-star Mona Plaza Hotel was formerly the site of the first Serbian chocolate factory opened in 1902. Its historical industrial elements have been combined with modern and urban design resulting in this fancy new hotel, which at the same time embodies the largest convention center in the old part of town covering more than 2’000 sqm with 9 conference halls.

In addition to 170 exclusive rooms and suites overlooking the most beautiful views of the city, the accommodation will be joined by enticing amenities including a cafeteria with a rich assortment of chocolate treats, a restaurant, a bar and a wellness and fitness center.

The warm atmosphere and the modern ambience of the rooms are enhanced by our Bespoke tailor-made washbasins, along with the Laufen Pro rimless wallhung toilets, which give the whole setting an added sense of exclusivity.

Location:                                 Belgrade, Serbia

Project type:                          Hospitality

Architect / Designer:          Biro Off/ Milan Dimitrijevic

Opening:                                  February 2020

LAUFEN products:               Bespoke washbasins, Laufen Pro WC rimless with seat and cover

Pictures are property of Mona Plaza Hotel.