Architectural projects

Murano Resort, Paris, France

As one of the world’s first urban resorts dedicated to “21st century style” living, the Murano Resort mixes a subtle blend of the luxurious and the laidback, of the classical with the modern.

The Murano Resort was designed to promote free circulation from one space to another whilst preserving the intimacy and uniqueness of each by means of: minimal partitions on the ground floor, sheer drapery and muffled lighting, modular suites and a central lounge with a fireplace.

Each piece of decorative glass in the resort, including its Venetian mirrors, teardrops, contemporary sculptures and massive chandeliers, are custom-made exclusively by some of Murano’s most prized craftsmen – giving the resort its name.

The hotel’s façade is a unique blend of the classic and the modern. The upper floors have preserved the standard white building look of the 19th century; whilst the ground floor has been coated with steel and ultra-thick frosted glass windows. The resort’s 52 rooms, suites and common areas reflect numerous lifestyles. The central atrium has a six-metre long fireplace and large Chesterfield sofa, there are two bars, a restaurant and an interior terrace, all of which combine to offer unparalleled moments of comfort and privilege.

Murano’s 43 rooms and 9 suites have been designed for dreaming as much as for living. Minimalist and refined, unfettered and comfortable, every room reflects the Murano’s white-based colour scheme via matt-finished walls, layered draperies and over-sized pillows. The ever-surprising decor also includes glowing cubes, illuminated wall niches, contemporary furniture and pop-art graphical objects. At the Murano, colours can be made to match your mood: every room and suite comes equipped with an electronic system for modulating lighting levels and tones. LAUFEN’s ILBAGNOALESSI One sanitary ware fully lives up to these special surroundings.

Interior Designers                           Christine Derory and Raymond Morel

Opening                                              2004

Location                                             Paris, France

LAUFEN products                           ILBAGNOALESSI One washbasins, bathtubs and toilets