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Faster toilet installation with EasyFit 2.0

Push on and tighten: The new system makes toilet assembly simple, time-saving and error-free.

With the EasyFit 2.0 fastening system, LAUFEN greatly simplifies the installation of wall-mounted toilets. One person can do the job without assistance or special tools. Those advantages lead to significant cost savings, especially in large projects.

Intelligent integration of connections

EasyFit 2.0 provides prefabricated mounting parts that can be installed in a minimum of time. For example, the mounting rods are supplied by the factory in the correct length for the toilet, eliminating the need to cut them to size on site. In addition, a newly developed click system holds the WC securely to the wall while the mounting screws are fully tightened.

One-person assembly with few work steps 

EasyFit 2.0 simplifies every installation step and prevents errors. The total installation time for toilets is thus reduced to record levels. Especially in large projects with many sanitary units, time and personnel costs are saved through
less effort
fewer errors
lower costs.

Less plastic waste

The system also substantially reduces the plastic waste normally generated when the fastening and installation pipes are cut to length. That waste can add up to about 26,000 linear yards annually, according to LAUFEN calculations.