Architectural projects

Rylett House, London, United Kingdom

Two Victorian maisonettes, located in London, have been converted into a spacious family home by Studio 30 Architects.

The ground floor is accessed by an entrance hall with a bright red door. A greenhouse at the rearside of the Rylett House was demolished and this space now houses a large living room, kitchen and dining room.

The first floor is occupied by three bedrooms with their bathrooms. One of these bathrooms features our Kartell • LAUFEN washbasin in an exclusive black glossy version sustained by a black washbasin frame, creating a striking contrast to the contiguous bright yellow wall. Another bathroom showcases a more classic flair. This assortment of modern and antique – many items have been collected over the course of the owners’ life – can be admired throughout the whole decoration of this cozy home.

Architects:                        Studio 30 Architects

Location:                           London, United Kingdom

Opening:                            2019

LAUFEN products:         Kartell • LAUFEN wasbasin, black glossy

pictures courtesy of Agnese Sanvito