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LAUFEN Smart: connected bathrooms

The Smart Bathroom solutions from Laufen result in more hygienic, more efficient and more sustainable sanitary facilities.

Digitalisation takes managing public sanitary facilities to a whole new level. The Smart Bathroom solutions developed by Laufen ensure a better standard of hygiene, increased efficiency and perfect service delivery. This results in lower water and energy consumption, which not only saves money but is also better for the environment.

Perfect hygiene is one of the key priorities when it comes to public sanitary rooms. Fitting out facilities with the right products, made from the right materials, plays an important role in achieving this goal. Contactless faucets are a particularly good example of hygienic products. However, these constitute just one element within Laufen’s Smart Bathroom solutions, which open up a whole range of new opportunities. For example, automatic hygienic flushing and thermal disinfection ensure the highest standards of cleanliness at all times. The people managing the facilities can control and operate these processes simply on a PC, tablet or smartphone – wherever they happen to be – using the SmartControl sanitary app. Wireless and secure remote operation.

Although the app cannot guarantee perfect standards of hygiene in toilet facilities yet, digital connection makes it easier to plan the intervention of personnel on site. And when the toilet facilities are busier than usual, an immediate alert ensures rapid response times. The same holds true in the event of a dysfunction, thanks to the smart system sending an instant notification.

Control, monitoring and diagnosis with a single app

This major step forward in the digitalisation of sanitary rooms relies on the clever combination of advanced technology and faucets, as well as external and integrated urinal and shower controls with the intuitive SmartControl sanitary app. The app is used to configure and adjust the parameters of the products before first-time use. Technicians within the facility management team can then use the app to control and monitor the facilities, diagnose problems and ensure the necessary maintenance. Parameters can be adjusted easily in the app when necessary, so that the products can be adapted to any change in requirements.

Digital control saves water

The digitalisation of controls delivers extensive statistics on product usage, the latest version of which can simply be exported from the app. This enables facilities to be managed more efficiently because maintenance can be adapted to, and optimised in line with, actual use. Furthermore, the app allows water consumption to be monitored and controlled. How long a faucet runs for, as well as the type of toilet flush, can also be configured exactly as needed. And in the event of a sudden, excessive rise in water consumption, facility managers are alerted via a push message. All of these features combine to help manage water consumption as precisely as possible. This not only saves costs, but also makes a valuable contribution towards the environment.

One of the key advantages of Laufen’s Smart Bathroom solutions is that individual parameters can be adjusted to the operational requirements of each specific site. Needs vary greatly, depending on the type of facilities and their location. For example, the requirements of a hospital are completely different from those of an airport – and the same holds true for schools, offices and sports facilities. Laufen’s Smart Bathroom system offers the perfect solution for every situation.

Cloud solution for larger facilities

A cloud-based solution is the perfect approach to managing large facilities, or a larger number of connected facilities, such as bathrooms on multiple floors or in high-rise buildings. Laufen’s web-based Smart Dashboard enables all connected devices to be configured, controlled and maintained – no matter where the user actually is. The web-based solution with cloud storage allows users to access a dashboard – anytime, anywhere – showing real-time data relating to all connected products. Any adjustments can be carried out simply via the dashboard, whenever they are needed. The Smart Dashboard can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into a building’s existing central control system.

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