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The evolution of an icon

The iconic ILBAGNOALESSI collection re-emerges with an even lighter look, created with innovative new materials that pay tribute to the original design.

Since its debut, ILBAGNOALESSI has revolutionized LAUFEN design for the bath. This collection featuring soft, fluid shapes reminiscent of sculptures, has become a true classic of bathroom design.

ILBAGNOALESSI, an exceptionally enduring and highly successful premium collection by LAUFEN, is distinguished by timeless beauty with light, slender shapes and a touch of eccentricity. 

Now, 20 years later, Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni has again taken the iconic collection into his hands and gently reshaped it.

Renewed lightness

With the patented Saphirkeramik, a strong high-performance ceramic material, LAUFEN recreates the well-known soft curves in new sinks that appear almost weightless.

Giovannoni’s upgrade to his own collection includes a reinterpretation of the iconic TUNA sink, whose elongated shape is emphasized by the new light, slender profile made possible by Saphirkeramik. The new freestanding bathtub made of Sentec mineral cast makes a dramatic impact with its size, optional black exterior, and new surfaces and colors, also available in matt finishes.

New furnishings: innovation and functional quality 

ILBAGNOALESSI 2023 offers new furnishings produced from materials of the latest generation. New wood varieties and the warm earthy tones of the laminated pieces complement the stoneware surfaces.

The color palette contains more than 30 shades and metallic finishes including copper, titanium and gold. A matching mirror with an LED lighting unit also is available.


Eternally modern, ILBAGNOALESSI has never been more beautiful.

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