Venice 2023 La Biennale Architettura | Press Kit

Press Information about our cooperation on an art sculpture in exhibition at Palazzo Bembo and about LAUFEN’s partnership with the Austrian Pavillion curated by AKT and Hermann Czech.

This year’s Biennale Architettura in Venice brought two events to the lagoon city in which LAUFEN was directly involved:



Firstly, LAUFEN Austria traditionally supports the Austrian Pavilion in the Giardini, curated this year by the Vienna-based architecture collective AKT and the 92-year-old architect Hermann Czech.

The project, entitled “Partecipazione / Beteiligung“, envisages a temporary but socially effective conversion of the pavilion, by opening it to the adjacent district and and making it freely accessible to the people of Venice.


Secondly, our LAUFEN production plant in Gmunden actively supported an exhibition entry of MuDD Architects (Barcelona/Paris) by creating 12 delicate modules in Saphirkeramik:

The sculpture “Freeze and Clay”, consisting of polyhedrons made of glass and ceramics, will be shown parallel to the Biennale in the exhibition “Time Space Existence” in the prestigious Palazzo Bembo in Venice.


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Christian Schäfer, CEO of LAUFEN Austria AG:
“The promotion of design, art and culture is part of LAUFEN’s corporate tradition and, in connection with the LAUFEN production site in Gmunden, goes back to the 1960s. We are delighted to have been able to realise the FREEZE AND CLAY sculpture for the exhibition during the Architecture Biennale in Palazzo Bembo, at our production site in Gmunden, and also to be able to support the Austria Pavilion as a sponsor this year. The concept of AKT and Hermann Czech impressed us from the beginning, as it raises social questions regarding architecture that are extraordinary.”



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