Architectural projects

Volkshaus Basel, Switzerland

The boutique property is housed in the historic Volkshaus Basel building, a structure with a history dating back to the 14th century, which encompasses in addition a brasserie and a concert hall. Today's building, however, was erected in 1925 and in the 1970s it underwent substantial changes.

The renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron have revived this place giving the premises their architectural identity back. In 2013, the architects’ studio had already restored the bar and brasserie as well as some of the building’s old function rooms. The hotel, which was completed in 2020, was the final step in this transformation. The lobby is designed as an exhibition space; five times a year, an offsite concept by the Basel gallery von Bartha will be presented.

The 45-room hotel combines tradition and modernity along all its inviting interiors: each room is individually unique but all of them spread cozy and high-quality materials. Thick curtains in a washed-out shade of green separate the sleeping area from the entrance area. Green custom wallpaper depicting 17th-century etchings and furniture designed by the architects, including chairs, armchairs and filigree lamps add a classic and fashion touch. Shower and bathrooms are discreetly housed behind black-stained oak doors, and our VAL washbasin visibly positioned in the anterior area, depicts elegance and refinement evoking a chic ambience.

Architects:                       Herzog & De Meuron

Location:                          Basel, Switzerland

Opening:                           2020

pictures are property of photograph Robert Rieger