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Collaborative solutions for German hospitality design
Lukas Turkiewicz Head of Sales, Project Business Germany

The communication across geographic borders and interested parties for hospitality design projects is frequently complex with a fine balance between design requirements which are unique to each country, and even region, with the facility to deliver on global roll outs for hotel groups. The German market for LAUFEN is no stranger to this, their design flair is world renowned, arguably perfectly fitting with the design aesthetic so desired by the millennial market yet their skill is in the careful delivery of projects from the Moxy and Hampton by Hilton roll out to exciting regional boutique projects for hotel groups such as Prize Hotel and B&B.

Headed up by Lukas Turkiewicz, the local projects team is perfectly synchronised with the LAUFEN Global Projects team and work collaboratively to facilitate the delivery of these significant projects.

Recently completed, the GEKKO House in Frankfurt provided the “perfect project” platform as Lukas Turkiewicz explains. “Introduction to the important stakeholders by the interior design team at MORGEN Interiors gave us an opportunity to take the ball and establish a very good relationship with the investor, for example, from the beginning. Everyone involved coordinated intensively and worked together transparently and constructively in order to provide the client with an optimal project experience”

The alignment of stakeholders is central to projects throughout Laufen, as Lukas also explains when referring to another recent residential project, the “KANSO” construction project in Frankfurt / Main; a hybrid property inspired by Japanese design theory in terms of architecture and design.

“The client, general contractor and installer were so satisfied with the cooperation with Laufen and the course of the project that we are already working on the next joint project in the same constellation,” says Turkiewicz, “and I think the tenants and users of the KANSO will appreciate the fine and easy-care bathrooms. "

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