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CERAMICS – one of the oldest materials created by man – is made exclusively from naturally occurring raw materials: kaolin, clay, feldspar and quartz sand.

As a 100 per cent recyclable material it is possible to reintroduce ceramic into the manufacturing process in the form of ground granules or it can continue to be used as a valuable raw material in other industries.

Since time immemorial these naturally occurring raw materials have formed the basic compound for the extremely durable material, ceramic. And then the extreme temperatures used in the kiln firing process ensure the high degree of hardness and resistance to wear of high-quality Laufen products – and make the material even more robust. The smooth, easy-to-clean glazed surface also ensures that ceramic fulfils the highest demands for hygiene: potable water is handled absolutely safely and cleanly, while chemical acids or harsh cleaning agents cannot harm the material. Non-fading, sustainable and the pleasant haptic experience make ceramic the most chosen material for high-quality sanitary ware.

Optional ceramic surface refinement: Thanks to Laufen Clean Coat (LCC), a silicate ceramic, glass-like fired coating over the original glaze, limescale, dirt and bacteria find hardly any grip – and even if they do, then dirt can be removed far more easily than from conventional ceramic surfaces.

Innovation, precision and craftsmanship: Laufen combines more than 120 years of experience in ceramic production with excellent engineering performance. The 100% recyclable ceramic material is fired at 1250° in the kiln and then carefully hand-finished with great dedication.