Cleanet Navia: New shower toilet by Laufen reduced to the essentials

The new Cleanet Navia by Laufen is an upgrade in comfort compared with a classic designer WC. It impresses with a compact design, simple functions and with a gratifying price.

My aim with the Cleanet Navia was to create a classic designer WC with a minimalistic, timeless look, that has another ace up its sleeve when you take a closer look,” explains Swiss designer Peter Wirz, who created the shower WC for Laufen. The technology is fully integrated into the compact all-ceramic body and reduced to the essentials. Thus, Keramik Laufen has
succeeded in developing a shower toilet with an excellent price-performance ratio, which is also suitable for use in commercial buildings.

No compromises in hygiene

With Cleanet Navia, Laufen has deliberately focused on the core task of a shower toilet and only integrates the most important functions. Without compromising on hygiene. The Cleanet Navia provides 3.5 litres of fresh water per minute in a high-volume shower jet. The high water volume means high comfort whilst leaving users to feel thoroughly clean.

The Cleanet Navia shower arm is located behind a concealing ring in the ceramics when not in use, and is flushed with plenty of water before and after every use. That guarantees perfect hygiene even when used frequently. If necessary, both the nozzle and the cover can be cleaned or replaced completely.

Intuitive comfort functions

The shower function is started by hand via the rotary knob attached to the ceramic, so that every user can quickly find his way around. This easily accessible knob can also be used to
adjust the position and intensity of the shower jet or to activate the oscillating mode.

The shower functions are also available as a smartphone app. The app also allows you to set the water temperature at various levels, and provides further convenient access to maintenance messages and the user profile.

Integrated ease of cleaning

Cleanet Navia is easy to clean and therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. The ceramic itself is jointless and rimless and additionally provided with the dirt-resistant surface finish LCC, which makes maintenance even easier. In addition, the toilet seat and lid can be easily removed for quick and thorough cleaning.

Descale effortlessly

The integrated descaling function ensures that the water transportation system inside the shower toilet is freed of limescale on a regular basis, thus extending the service life of the shower toilet.

A red light in the lower area of the WC indicates when descaling is required. The water hardness for the region can also be programmed via app.

Integrated noise protection

With Cleanet Navia, sound decoupling is already integrated and ensures that less noise of usage and function is transmitted to the wall and thus to the neighbouring rooms. This system meets the increased noise protection requirements of SIA 181 and DIN 4109 and has been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute.

Sophisticated installation

The Cleanet Navia is installed and dismantled time-saving and effortless via a connection plate compatible with all standard cisterns and the concealed installation system developed by
Laufen. The installation tools required for this are already included in the scope of delivery. The fact that the packaging can also be used as an installation aid is practical for installation engineers.