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Features & Benefits: Wellness

Underscoring its reputation for innovation, LAUFEN continuously creates premium products that bring the highest level of comfort and functionality to the bathroom.


Bathtub and shower trays material

When choosing the bathtub or shower tray, material choice depends on individual preference and intended use. In order to be able to provide the right solution for all situations, LAUFEN provides four different materials:

Bathing in a bathtub made of solid surface material Sentec feels like being in a natural basin. Due to a high percentage of mineral particles, the surface feels smooth. The innovative material also allows an incredible freedom of design: almost every shape is feasible – from very organic to very straight and architectural. Furthermore the non-porous surface of the material is hygienic, durable, UV-resistant, highly resistant to scratches and can be effortlessly cleaned.

Bathtubs and shower trays in enamelled steel are hygienic, and resistant to acid, scratching, impacts and abrasion. LAUFEN steel bathtubs are produced using heavy 3 and 3.5 mm enamelled steel; they are extremely dimensionally stable and come with an anti-slip coating. In addition, they are fitted with a sound insulation system.

Bathtubs and shower trays made of sanitary acrylic have benefits due to the insulating properties of the material and its warm surface. Together with an underlay made of hard foam, the
material helps your bath water retain its temperature for a long time. LAUFEN sanitary acrylic is integrally coloured, is light and colour fast and easy to clean.

Marbond is a composite material made of two layers which are extremely well connected with each other: The basis is formed by a high-quality mineral casting material, the surface is coated with a two millimetre thick acrylic layer. Marbond is hygienic, easy to clean, temperature resistant according to EN 263 and anti-slip (class C).


Wellness at home: LAUFEN combines the rejuvenating energy of water, air and underwater lighting for reviving massages in your own bathtub at home. A feast for the senses – in total privacy. When ordering whirl systems, LAUFEN always recommends to order bathtubs with acrylic panels or to install removable tiled drywalls for easier access in case of maintenance.

If you can’t avoid bricking in the bathtub, please plan large inspection chambers of minimum size 50 x 50 cm so that technical parts remain accessible. The installation of an additional ventilation grill is compulsory.

Air nozzles
Up to 90 nozzles positioned in the bathtub floor effectively revive your body all over. The outlets are installed flush with the bathtub floor and therefore do not impede enjoyment of the whirlpool. The warm and tingling ozonised air is blown into the water via air conduits under the base of the tub. The system is self-drying and therefore hygienic and easy to maintain.


Coloured lighting appeals to all senses. A LED strip in the overflow slot (used in Kartell by LAUFEN bathtubs) creates a relaxing atmosphere. Usually the colours of the LED lights change continuously, but one colour can also be selected via the sensor control system or remote control.


A bathroom which is installed properly and perfectly arranged helps to achieve a balanced and harmonic atmosphere. That’s why LAUFEN offers a suitable styrofoam carrier for each drop-in bathtub (except the ones with whirl system). These carriers simplify the mounting of the bathtub enormously: mounting is quicker and cleaner, because there is no bricking necessary, and tiling is also much easier on the perfectly accurate surface of these unseen helpers.


The wellness functions of the LAUFEN whirlpool can also be controlled by touch-sensitive areas on the bathtub rim: The system is safe, scratch-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean – and does not detract from the aesthetic of the bathtub.

Installation kit

The LAUFEN installation kit made of hard foam allows a wide range of shower trays to be installed flush with the floor – and also assists with sound and heat insulation. A protective peripheral strip securely permanently prevents water from entering between the tiles and tray. LAUFEN bathtubs and shower trays conform to applicable European standards and are tested and monitored on-site by the independent testing institute LGA Quali Test GmbH.


LAUFEN sound insulation sets for bathtubs and shower trays significantly reduce the transmission of sound to neighbouring rooms and ensure a private, undisturbed bathing experience
– without disturbing the neighbours. Irrespective of the structural conditions, a sound reduction of 10 or even 16 decibels can be achieved. Even a 10-decibel reduction corresponds to a 50% reduction in audible noise. LAUFEN sound insulation sets are tested against DIN 4109 and are certified by Frauenhofer.


Antislip is a surface treatment which is applied to glazed and enamelled surfaces and then fired on and is thus optimally integrated into the surface structure. The surface offers a secure grip and is also easy to clean, and resistant to acids and scratching. Antislip has been tested against the German industrial standard DIN 51097 and offers higher than average antislip performance. With or without antislip, LAUFEN shower trays feel comfortable on the skin.