Design & Innovation


FINE FIRECLAY CERAMIC is able to look back on a long history, which reached its heights during the 20s of the last century.

The fact that the material has enjoyed a renaissance in designer bathrooms in the beginning of the new millennium is down to traditional know-how and many years of research work at Laufen. The reason is that fine fireclay offers an enormous advantage: it is extremely dimensionally stable during the firing process, which makes it possible to produce forms larger than 180 cm as well as voluminous shapes.By adding chamotte it is possible to reduce non-linear shrinkage during the drying and firing process to less than ten per cent. As a result the behaviour of the ceramic is somewhat easier to master and the production of larger formats simplified.

Fine fireclay is primarily used to produce washbasins. The specific construction of many fine fireclay washbasins allows precise customised production of shelves ex works, with even mitre cuts possible. That turns the series produced product into a custom-made ceramic that conveys the authentic ceramic character into the bathroom, without having to forgo the comfort of an individual solution, for example, for recesses or corners.