Architectural projects

Gekko House, Frankfurt, Germany

In the middle of Frankfurt between the main train station and the exhibition centre is the Gekko House, Frankfurt, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel.

With 128 rooms and suites on eight floors, guests are invited to enjoy the here and now with the family of boutique hotels, from Marriott International, who are bound by their indie spirit and heart for connecting people and places. Lukas Turkiewicz Head of Sales, Project Business Germany comments, “The interior design is full of contrasts and is characterized by high quality and great attention to detail including the bathrooms featuring Kartell • LAUFEN, which have been customized for the Gekko House in light grey.”

Following the success of the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt, LAUFEN were again approached to participate. Clear creativity and the ability to deliver on this past project culminated in the early involvement of LAUFEN with key stakeholders including the designer, investor, owner and operator. Early involvement is often an indicator of success, with common goals and design vision aligned at a very early stage of the design process. The same principles are applied within the LAUFEN team with collaboration across accounts, product management, production, and logistics enabling the successful provision of product advice, design options, mock up support, pricing, control and delivery through the LAUFEN wholesale network.

“Introduction to the important stakeholders by the interior design team at MORGEN Interiors gave us an opportunity to take the ball and establish a very good relationship with the investor, for example, from the beginning. Everyone involved coordinated intensively and worked together transparently and constructively in order to provide the client with an optimal project experience” comments Lukas Turkiewicz Head of Sales, Project Business Germany.

The concept of the Gekko House is unique, incomparable and some could argue, synergistic to the demanding design environment at LAUFEN. The harmony of materials, colours and textures was essential to the design team in order to communicate the vibrant design concept to hotel guests. Integral to that design concept was the desire to create a uniform colour and finish that could be applied consistently across all elements of the rooms. Utilising the proven Kartell • LAUFEN collection, LAUFEN was able to engage their internal BESPOKE expertise to provide a customised solution, with proven consistent quality, in a uniform grey matt finish for both the washbasin and WC. The flexibility of the BESPOKE service allows designers to explore unique concepts whilst remaining reassured of the proven abilities of the team at LAUFEN to deliver, on scale and to meet target project costs.

MORGEN Interiors owner Thomas Tritsch explains what makes the Gekko House so extraordinary: “In almost every room there is a high concrete ceiling and high concrete walls – something very special for a hotel. We combined these rough style elements with cozy chic, creating contrasts that give the house its unusual personality. Thanks to the BESPOKE program, we were able to subtly continue the look of the house, which is definitely a brand promise in a hotel, in the bathroom and continue there subtly.”

Architect:                             Scharnberger Architekten

Interior Designer:              Morgen Interiors

Developer:                           Arthur Wiener GmbH Liegenschaften und Projektentwicklung

Operator:                             Gekko Group Supplier: Der Express, Hameln