Design & Innovation


High level of precision and dexterity is needed – from the idea through to the finished product.

Our experienced employees accompany the entire production process with the greatest of care and attention. Each individual step is subject to the highest quality requirements – something that is examined and optimised again and again. Constructing the shapes according to the design and programming the CNC milling machines are the first steps of the manufacturing process.

Once the different raw materials are tested, the moulds are filled carefully with the viscous mixture in a controlled process: either manually or in an automated casting procedure. Once the products are removed from the moulds they are placed in special kilns to dry and then stored for further processing.

Cut, mill or glue – the material offers diverse options for further processing through to final sanding down. The products receive their perfect surface structure and pleasant haptic in a process of several polishing operations. Now the goods are ready for the last work processes: laser printing, assembly of water-carrying components and – if envisaged – the supporting systems. Following a final inspection the objects are carefully packaged and prepared for delivery.

Quality from the digital design through to delivery:
each individual step along the production process
at Laufen is subject to careful inspection by
experienced employees.