Architectural projects

Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Niels Bohr Institute is part of the Natural Sciences Faculty of the University of Copenhagen and houses the Mathematics, Data Science, Chemistry, and Physics faculties. It is named after the Danish theoretical physicist Niels Henrik David Bohr, who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.

The University building is divided into two separate buildings, connected by a tunnel and a skywalk three storeys above ground level, and accommodates approx. 3’000 – 4’000 students and 800 researchers with teaching duties.

The distinctive, prism-shaped façade gives the building a very particular identity featuring a special design concept by connecting sequences of balconies with filtered daylight. A completely unique composition with exceptional views both from inside and outside the building.

Every element within the bathroom design matches perfectly with the building’s aesthetics. Our products underline the striking architecture of the building with their exceptional design and quality, as the Laufen Pro toilets and the thin-walled Val washbasins, latter made of the innovative material SaphirKeramik.

Architects:         Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter and Christensen & Co. Architect

Location:            Copenhagen, Denmark

Opening:            2019

LAUFEN products:

Laufen PRO wallhung WC, Laufen PRO Seat & Cover (softclose), Laufen PRO N Floorstanding WC, Laufen PRO N Seat & Cover (softclose), Laufen VAL Washbasin SaphirKeramik, Laufen LEMA waterless