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Sustainability Roadmap

LAUFEN pursues its sustainability goals in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As part of the emissions-intensive construction industry, LAUFEN has a responsibility to make a significant contribution to a more sustainable world. LAUFEN is determined to do so. This undertaking requires commitment at every step: from design decisions and material selection, complex factory processes and product distribution, to relationships with suppliers and employee engagement.

Innovation, circular economy and inclusive growth
LAUFEN’s sustainability strategy has a clear focus: it concentrates on innovations that enable the company to efficiently transition to a circular economy and advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals while setting the course for inclusive growth and long-term success. To magnify the impact of its own efforts, LAUFEN is joining forces with its parent company, the Roca Group.

The roadmap to sustainability
LAUFEN has drawn up a sustainability roadmap that identifies a wide range of measures in eight areas, analogous to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Decarbonisation: LAUFEN aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, primarily through measures to increase energy efficiency, the expansion of renewable energies, the acceleration of digitalisation and the compensation of its own CO₂ emissions.

Materials: A further goal is the more conscious selection of manufacturing and packaging materials to enable a circular economy whilst avoiding waste and the use of any fossil fuels. Measures to achieve this include reducing water consumption, avoiding single-use plastic and introducing waste management programmes.

Product design: The development department also strives to provide sustainable bathroom solutions, including identifying and complying with certifications and incorporating circular design thinking into the development process.

People: LAUFEN empowers its employees, regardless of gender, age and background, to develop and succeed professionally. This is done through training and qualification programmes and other measures to promote talent.

Society: On a societal level, the company engages through the support of cultural and educational institutions, including the We Are Water Foundation initiative.

Supply chains: Suppliers are also systematically being included in sustainable activities, starting with sustainability clauses in supplier contracts.

Logistics: LAUFEN has invested in efficiency improvements in transport, including better use of space and optimised route planning for transportation.

Communication: Corporate communication initiatives include informing external stakeholders about sustainability activities on the one hand and involving employees, via an internal communication platform, on sustainability on the other.

“Worldwide, the construction industry accounts for about 50-60% of material consumption, more than 50% of waste generation, about 35% of energy consumption and more than 50% of global carbon emissions.”
– Professor Werner Sobek, German Sustainable Building Council

“In 2021, as part of the Roca Group, Laufen joined THE ROADMAP TO SUSTAINABILITY, the United Nations Global Compact, a global pact between business and the UN that aims to establish reliable business practices for a more sustainable and inclusive future. We systematically align our actions with the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).”
– Cristiane Kopp, Sustainability Manager LAUFEN

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