Architectural projects

Swiss Embassy in Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark

The residence, built in 1916, has been in possession of the Swiss Confederation for almost 50 years. In accordance with the needs of the time, the building has undergone an extensive renovation by architect Roland Meier, including its exterior, reflecting now a casual sophistication fitting the unique setting.

The foyer is clad with vertical wooden strips, which create a warm atmosphere and make the arrival appear in a distinguished manner. The wooden slats continue in the guest toilet and give the room an exclusive ambience.

The Kartell by Laufen washbasin is made of our ultra-thin and robust SaphirKeramik material, which confers a light and elegant appearance to the washbasin. The Laufen pro toilet offers the ideal solution for every spatial situation. This combination of the wood paneling lines, the modern shapes of the ceramics and the graceful terrazzo flooring form a toilet room boasting a cozy and warm style.

Architect:                         Roland Meier

Renovation:                     2019

Location:                          Hellerup Copenhagen, Denmark