LAUFEN space Milano hosts a series of meetings with architecture to show new ways of telling about places and spaces. The first appointment is with Marialuisa Montanari and his Impossible Architectures. 

How can architecture be described? Starting from this question, LAUFEN space Milano proposes a series of meetings entitled 'Art meets Architecture' to explore the relationship between architecture and visual arts: from photography, to graphics, to cinema. 

The first appointment concerns the photographic exhibition 'Architetture Impossibili' born from the imagination of the architect Marialuisa Montanari who, starting from the photographic technique, gave life to personal and ephemeral geographies investigating the relationship between image and imagination. 

The exhibition took place in December 2022. 

The impossible architectures of Marialuisa Montanari create a first moment of alienation in the observer and then open to the possibility of triggering a dialogue that LAUFEN space Milan welcomes and amplifies by playing between nature and artifice, matter and immaterial. Suspended within the Milan space, they move light over the most iconic collections of the Swiss brand and dialogue with images of nature that evoke memories of landscapes of Switzerland with its mountains, the strength of the waterfalls and the sensations related to the elements of the forest, wood or ice. 

The photo exhibition by Marialuisa Montanari allows you to discover the new exhibition of LAUFEN space Milano - the fourth after the inauguration at the Milan Design Week in September 2021.