Kartell LAUFEN

Article-No.: H2243320006161

Freestanding bathtub, made of Sentec solid surface, with tap bank on left-hand side, with slot overflow, with lifting system

1700 x 860 x 440 mm (length, width, height)
616 - with illuminated slot overflow


Installation structure: With feet

Installation type: Freestanding

Material: Sentec

Net weight (kg): 132

Option: with illuminated slot overflow

Shape: Rectangular

Download the CAD (2D, 3D) files of this product in different formats. | ⚠ Caution: CAD files should not be used for computer-controlled (CNC) cutting of countertops or similar and are for space-planning & room rendering purposes only. Upon request cut-out templates are available from Laufen. All drawings contain the necessary measurements (mm) which are subject to standard tolerances. Exact measurements, in particular for customized installation scenarios, can only be taken from the finished product.



Kartell LAUFEN

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