Shelf 'cloud', made from sanitary ceramic, wall-hung

Article-No.: H8770310000001

Dimensions: 550 x 130 x 55 mm (length, width, height)
000 - standard option

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Washbasin 'cloud'

450 x 410 x 150

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florakids from LAUFEN is imaginative, colourful and playful – a bathroom that children are sure to enjoy. The centrepiece of florakids is a washstand with a basin in the shape of a flower blossom, available in white, red or green. In kindergartens, several washbasins can be lined up in a series to create plenty of space to put things. To complement the washbasin, you can add ceramic shelves, shaped like little clouds in matching colours. Mirrors are available in red mirror flower, or green mirror caterpillar designs and consist of separate mirror elements that can be lined up in series.